Are you planning for registering a domain name? Well, before you do so, here are some important points that you must know about the process for registering a domain name.

A Good domain name plays a vital role in the success of a blog and its owners success. Newbies often makes mistakes while buying domain names for their blog and later they gets stucked in their blogging career. There are a lot of things that you should keep in mind while buying domain name for their blog. As your blog starts with your domain so it is must that we should buy a good domain name for our blog that suits our niche and also have keywords in the domain name.

Our domain name is our first impression towards our visitors so we should always look for a good and eye catchy domain name for our blog.Having a bad domain name for our blog can get decrease almost half of our blog traffic which is not good at all because when our domain is not good most of our visitors will not remember the domain name and will not come back again.

  • Always look to get a good and short domain name.
  • Never use any kind of special symbols in your domain name.
  • Buy a domain name that matches the topic you are going to start a business service/product upon.
  • Adding keywords in your domain name.

There are available domain TLDs - 500 and more.

Domain name filter by aphabet (A to Z)

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".band", ".bar", ".bargains", ".beer", ".berlin", ".best", ".bid", ".bike", ".bingo", ".bio", ".biz", ".black", ".blackfriday", ".blue", ".boutique", "", ".build", ".builders", ".business", ".buzz", ".bz"

".ca", ".cab", ".cafe", ".camera", ".camp", ".capetown", ".capital", ".car", ".cards", ".care", ".career", ".careers", ".cars", ".casa", ".cash", ".casino", ".catering", ".cc", ".center", ".chat", ".cheap", ".christmas", ".church", ".city", ".claims", ".cleaning", ".click", ".clinic", ".clothing", ".club", ".cn", "", ".co", "", "", "", "", "", ".coach", ".codes", ".coffee", ".college", ".com", "", "", "", "", "", ".community", ".company", ".computer", ".condos", ".construction", ".consulting", ".contractors", ".cooking", ".cool", ".country", ".coupons", ".credit", ".creditcard", ".cricket", ".cruises", ".cymru"

".dance", ".date", ".dating", ".de", "", ".deals", ".degree", ".delivery", ".democrat", ".dental", ".dentist", ".desi", ".design", ".diamonds", ".diet", ".digital", ".direct", ".directory", ".discount", ".dog", ".domains", ".download", ".durban"

".education", ".email", ".energy", ".engineer", ".engineering", ".enterprises", ".equipment", ".es", ".estate", ".eu", "", ".events", ".exchange", ".expert", ".exposed", ".express"

".fail", ".faith", ".family", ".farm", ".fashion", ".finance", ".financial", "", ".fish", ".fishing", ".fit", ".fitness", ".flights", ".florist", ".flowers", ".football", ".forsale", ".foundation", ".fund", ".furniture", ".futbol", ".fyi"

".gallery", ".game", ".garden", "", "", "", ".gift", ".gifts", ".gives", ".glass", ".global", ".gold", ".golf", "", ".graphics", ".gratis", ".green", ".gripe", ".guide", ".guitars", ".guru"

".haus", ".healthcare", ".help", ".hiphop", ".hockey", ".holdings", ".holiday", ".horse", ".host", ".hosting", ".house", ""

".immo", ".immobilien", ".in", "", "", ".industries", ".info", ".ink", "Rs. 462.00", ".institute", ".insure", ".international", ".investments", ".irish"

".jewelry", ".jobs", ".joburg", "", ".juegos"

".kaufen", ".kim", ".kitchen", ".kiwi", ""

".la", ".land", ".lawyer", ".lease", ".legal", ".lgbt", ".life", ".lighting", ".limited", ".limo", ".link", ".live", ".loan", ".loans", ".lol", ".london", ".love", ".luxury"

".maison", ".management", ".market", ".marketing", ".markets", ".mba", ".me", "", ".media", ".memorial", ".men", ".menu", ".mn", ".mobi", ".moda", ".money", ".mortgage"

".nagoya", ".name", ".navy", ".net", "", "", "", "", "", "", ".network", ".news", ".ngo", ".ninja", ".nl", "", "", ".nyc", ".nz"

".one", ".ong", ".online", ".ooo", ".org", "", "", "", "", ""

".partners", ".parts", ".party", ".photo", ".photography", ".photos", ".physio", ".pics", ".pictures", ".pink", ".pizza", ".place", ".plumbing", ".plus", ".poker", ".porn", ".press", ".pro", ".productions", ".properties", ".property", ".pub", ".pw"

"", ".quebec"

".racing", ".recipes", ".red", ".rehab", ".reisen", ".rent", ".rentals", ".repair", ".report", ".republican", ".rest", ".restaurant", ".review", ".reviews", ".rip", ".rocks", ".rodeo", ".ru", "", ".run"

"", ".sale", ".sarl", ".sc", ".school", ".schule", ".science", "", "", ".services", ".sexy", ".shiksha", ".shoes", ".show", ".singles", ".site", ".ski", ".soccer", ".social", ".software", ".solar", ".solutions", ".soy", ".space", ".studio", ".style", ".supplies", ".supply", ".support", ".surf", ".surgery", ".sx", ".systems"

".tattoo", ".tax", ".taxi", ".team", ".tech", ".technology", ".tel", ".tennis", ".theater", ".tienda", ".tips", ".tires", ".today", ".tokyo", ".tools", ".top", ".tours", ".town", ".toys", ".trade", ".training", ".tv"

".uk", "", "", ".university", ".uno", ".us", "", ""

".vacations", ".vc", ".vegas", ".ventures", ".vet", ".viajes", ".video", ".villas", ".vision", ".vodka", ".vote", ".voto", ".voyage"

".wales", ".wang", ".watch", ".webcam", ".website", ".wedding", ".wiki", ".win", ".work", ".works", ".world", ".ws", ".wtf"

".xxx", ".xyz"

".academy", ".accountant", ".accountants", ".actor", ".adult", "", ".agency", ".airforce", ".amsterdam", ".apartments", ".archi", ".army", ".asia", ".associates", ".attorney", ".auction", ".audio", ".auto"

"", ".zone"